Feb 21, 2018

CVR February 2018 Meeting


Cleveland, OH - U.S. Senate candidate Mike Gibbons issued the following statement today in regards to the Ohio Republican Party action.

"It's disappointing that the insiders and establishment learned nothing from the last election. Voters are sick and tired of insiders and career politicians trying to tell them what to do. It's now clear that I am the true outsider in the race and my opponent is a moderate career-politician and insider."

Faith. Family. Hard work.Growing up on her family’s farm with three older brothers, the young Christina Hagan witnessed the daily rewards and struggles of service-oriented hard-work. In the apartment above her family’s small heating and plumbing business, Christina was raised in an entrepreneurial atmosphere where everyone is expected to chip in with a good attitude to serve others.Whether helping on service calls, in the office or on the farm, Christina apprenticed herself to her parents who emulated the values that make Northeastern Ohio so strong: faith, family and hard work.