Letter to the Editor
Could Georgia’s governor have been compromised by China?
Now that we know China compromised Representative Swalwell, who else might be compromised? SkyNews in Australia said they had a list of thousands. I think one of them might be Governor Kemp of Georgia. Why? It appears as if Kemp and China may have a deal to expand trade through the port of Savanna. That would explain why this Republican Governor would not support an in-dept audit of the Presidential election there even with all of the sworn testimonies of witnesses of election fraud and of the video evidence of the hidden suitcases being pulled out from under a table after Republicans had left the area due to a water leak that wasn’t real. So, Trump was trying to stop the flow of jobs from America to China and to put fair trade front and center. China wasn’t happy about this and the increased traffic through the port of Savanna could have been at risk. There is a good chance that Governor Kemp was also compromised by China.
Bill Hamm
North Royalton