After an FBI agent opens up a case, he then has to write a report every 3 months until the case is prosecuted.  So, it’s a real pain to the agent if he doesn’t believe he has the evidence to prosecute.   

In the last debate Trump called Joe Biden the big guy and Biden said there wasn’t any corruption with him or his family. 

The FBI opened up a case on Hunter Biden and the numbers mean it has to do with money laundering (272D) on an international basis. So, what’s the case about? 

Go back in time before 2014 and you find that a Minister in Ukraine essentially stole mega-millions of natural gas leases.  The government then changed, much like when the Obama/Biden administration was replaced by the Trump/Pence administration.  As time progressed, a prosecutor started asking questions about these natural gas leases of Burisma.   

Joe Biden travels to the Ukraine and that follows with Hunter Biden & Devon Archer being put on Burisma’s board and being paid tens of thousands each month.  This is then followed by Joe Biden going to the Ukraine and saying if the new administration doesn’t fire the prosecutor, who is looking into Burisma & Hunter, Ukraine won’t get the billion dollars in loan guarantees from the US Government.   

Since payments to Hunter go through several Countries, including Latvia, this is an international money laundering scheme.  Emails indicate that 10% of the money was to go to the big guy, which was confirmed to be Joe Biden.  Other Democrats are also involved, including David Leiter, former chief of staff for John Kerry and Chris Heinz, Kerry’s stepson.  Many more ties are exposed. 

How do we know this is true and not a smear?  Hunter Biden has thousands of emails on his laptops.  They were damaged and he took them in to be repaired.  As part of the contract, the repairman took ownership after 90 days unless he was paid.  So, after the 90 days, with repeated attempts to contact Hunter, he took ownership.  He looked at what was on the laptop and became concerned.  He made 4 copies and then gave the laptop, in 2019, to the FBI.  After no apparent action by the FBI, he sent copies to some members of Congress and indirectly to Rudy Giuliani.  Rudy had it verified by comparing dates and events to know documents.  Rudy gave a copy to the Nation’s oldest newspaper, the New York Post.  They independently verified the information and then published 2 articles on what they found.  They also mentioned there were many photos of Hunter with an underage girl.  Then Hunter’s attorney attempted to get the laptop back, again proving the laptop belonged to Hunter. 

Meanwhile, a former business partner of Hunter named Cooper was in jail lamenting how he was convicted and Hunter and Devon were not.  So, he contacted Peter Sweitzer and authorized him to take possession of tens of thousands of his emails.  Peter found incriminating evidence that corroborated the Post articles. 

Finally, another member of the Biden re-election campaign, Bobulinski, has come forward and is also corroborating the NY Post evidence.  There is a lot more to it and much can be found at under Dan’s episode 1375. 

So, in summary, in the last debate, Joe Biden said there was no corruption involving him or his family.  He says this while details of corruptions are emerging from the open floodgates.  FBI case #272D-BA-3065729 opened, emails flood from Hunter Biden’s laptop, are confirmed by several sources, no one denies their authenticity; all pointing to a pay-for-play corrupt Biden family. 

The Dan Bongino Show #1375