United States Civil Rights Commissioner, Peter Kirsanow gave CVR hope for a Trump win on November 3, 2020.  During the ZOOM meeting on October 21, 2020, the Commissioner cited many encouraging metrics that the news media does not report.

First of all, Gallup exited candidate polling in 2016 due to the “impossible task of doing candidate polling correctly” leaving it up to other polling organizations.

Here are the metrics he cited:

The “are you better off now than 4 years ago?”  56% said yes, which is the highest in history.  Regan was next with 47.5%.  Obama in 2012 with 44%.

Voter Enthusiasm:  Trump highest ever.  Biden lowest ever. Trump – Biden gap is 20 points nationally compared to Trump – Clinton which was 12 point gap.

Party Affiliation:  In 237 months, the GOP is currently ahead of the Dems.  This has only happened 2 other months which were during the George W. Bush term after 911.

Silent Trump Voters:   68% of GOP voters do not answer phone calls for polling.

Real Clear Politics: In every battleground state Biden is worse than Clinton in 2016                                                    PA  Clinton 2016 6.8%   Biden 2020 3.8%
        MI  Clinton 2016 12%    Biden 2020 7.5%
        FL  Clinton 2016 4%      Biden 2020 1%
        NC  Clinton 2016 3%     Biden 2020 2%

Door to Door:   GOP has knocked on over 20M doors. Dems have done ZERO. 
GOP has registered hundreds of thousands new voters.  These voters will likely vote as they registered the first time.
Rally Information:  Polling is done at every Trump rally.
                              <50% of attendees are registered GOP
                              >50% of attendees are Dems/Independents
                              24% of attendees did not vote in 2016
Driving Around - outside urban areas – an estimate of 95% of signs are for Trump.
Black Vote:      Trump +10% higher than 2016
Hispanic Vote: Trump +20% higher than 2016
Helmuth Norpoth (Pollster) has predicted 25 out of 27 POTUS elections correctly. 
Current Prediction is “Trump 91% in a landslide!
Statics are great --- A landslide will be greater --- VOTE!!!