Describing Donald Trump

The following is an excerpt of Dom's introductory comments at the CVR's June 28th meeting where Donald Trump  was endorsed to be the Republican Party's candidate for President of the United States.

We're privileged to have Pastor Darrell Scott with us this evening to speak on behalf of Mr. Donald Trump.

But before we introduce Dr. Scott, I think that it's important that we acknowledge that Mr. Trump's candidacy has been controversial.  

Now everyone knows the concerns that many of us as conservatives have had about Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.  To say that many of our fellow Republicans are alarmed by his candidacy would be an understatement.  In fact, I don't know of a time in recent history when Republican primary voters have heard the kinds of commentary and criticisms evoked by Mr. Trump.   So, as we consider endorsing him this evening, I'd like to share some well publicized comments that I think are particularly worth our consideration: 

“One is struck by his self-assurance, his energy, his volatility, his dogged determination, and his utter lack of humility.”

He himself has said, "I am not usually accused, even by my friends, of being modest".

“In the thousands of photographs of his face, you will find every expression, but one.  He never looks apologetic.”

“Winning is everything to him.  He always has to win, but then offers the hand of friendship to the vanquished.”  

“His behavior in public can be juvenile.  He has been known to thumb his nose at the opposition, stick his tongue out, or when he has enraged his opponents and they look apoplectic, blow them a kiss.”

“He does not inspire trust. He inspires suspicion.  He’s an opportunist, a swashbuckler, a man who jaywalks through life, someone incapable of party loyalty.”

“He is not even a good listener.  Once his mind is made up, he won’t budge an inch.”

“Men will watch him, but they won’t follow him.  His effect on men is one of interest and curiosity, not of admiration or loyalty.”

“He is a man who stands for everything that the decent, civilized Establishment has rejected.”

“The Establishment views those who mean to destroy our nation as products of complex social and historical forces.  He is a man who sees the world in simplistic terms as a medieval struggle to the death between the powers of good and the powers of evil.”

“A leader of intuitive genius, a born demagogue in the original sense of the word” 

“A believer in the supremacy of his people and his own national destiny, an artist who knows how to gather the blazing light of history and distort it to his own ends” 

“A leader, who can if necessary, be just as cruel, just as cunning, and just as ruthless as those endeavoring to destroy his nation, yet someone who can win victories without enslaving populations or destroying the libertarian institutions he is sworn to preserve”

And of course these words were used to describe

Winston Churchill